A-level Economics Tuition In Singapore

There are tuition centres at every corner in Singapore, where academic excellence is seen as a necessity for success. At JC Economics Education Centre, we are proud to say that we have helped numerous students achieve their desired results over the years. We aim to spark our student’s zeal for learning, so that they can reach the zenith of their abilities. We work by the principle that no two students are the same, tailoring learning to each individual.

The programme at JC Economics Education Centre works in tandem with the MOE syllabus. Each and every lesson is meticulously designed in a way that will optimally allow students to comprehend and take whatever is being imparted to them. Students will continually be challenged with questions to stimulate their thinking. They will also constantly be exposed to those that are routinely tested so that they become familiarised with exam materials. We are of the belief that laying a strong foundation will ease the learning process in the long run, favouring a marathon over a sprint. The transition from secondary school to JC level often proves to be challenging to students. Students may find the new lecture-style teaching foreign, or simply feel swamped by the fast paced lectures. Through our structured and systematic teaching, students will be able to get on in no time. With all the aid they can get at JC Economics Education Centre, students need not fear the big A.

About JC Economics Education Centre

About JC Economics Education Centre

JC Economics Education Centre have come up with a multi-pronged approach to help students learn Economics quickly and efficiently. Read More about the common problems student face and how JCEconomic’s approach will solve them.

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Why join Econs Tuition at JC Economics Education Centre?

Why join Econs Tuition at JC Economics Education Centre?

At JC Economics Education Centre, many students see improvements in their grades after they have attended our lessons. Click on Learn More below to discover the benefits of our tuition centre. IMG_8122

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Our Economics Tutor

Our Economics Tutor

All lessons are fully taught by Mr Anthony Fok. He is passionate about education and is an extremely qualified and experienced tutor, widely regarded in Singapore, having been featured prominently in the local media. Check out his profile

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At JC Economics Education Centre, many students see improvements in their grades after they have attended our lessons.

Many parents thank us for our dedication in helping their children to learn quickly, and in an enjoyable manner.



Case Study Workshop

  • 3-day Economics case study workshop
  • Conducted for JC 1 students during the December holiday 
  • Cover the relevant skills that students require to cope with the demands of the GCE A-level examination paper 1.
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Economics Group Tuition

  • Engaging and Effective Weekly Group Tuition classes
  • Specially designed for both JC 1 and JC 2 students
  • To register for a seat, please SMS child’s full name and selected timeslot to 8251 3684
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Intensive Revision Programme

  • Specially designed for students who have not performed well in their promotional examinations
  • Brush up on their JC 1 topics
  • The lessons will cover a range of Economics essay questions & topical case studies
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Group Tuition Fees

JC 1 & JC 2 students:

Fees: $440 / 4 lessons and $120 material fee per year (non-refundable).

More Information:

  • There is no trial lesson available due to limited vacancies.

  • Should there be 5 lessons in a month, the fees will be pro-rated accordingly.

  • There is no pro-rating of material fee as the materials for the earlier lessons would be given to your child. The material fee is payable every academic year.

  • Upon confirmed registration, the tuition fees will remain unchanged for the rest of the year, provided there is no break in payment of fees. However, if a student stops attending for any reason and does not pay the fees for the missed lessons, then upon rejoining the class he/she will be charged the higher fee.

  • As this is a group tuition, the fees will be payable regardless of attendance. There will not be any refund of tuition fees if students miss lessons.